Yesterday as I was returning to work from lunch I had a tire blow out. I pulled over to the side of the road and phoned Happy to Help for help. Mike came to my rescue, changing my tire and sending me on my way to my next meeting.

The next morning he came to my office to pick up my car and take it to the tire store to replace my tire. They determined I needed new tires so after talking with me, Mike had them replace the tires. The store only had two in stock but had more coming the next day. Mike had them replace the two so I would not have to worry about driving on the “donut” spare.

He then returned my car to my office telling me he would return the next day to have the other tires replaced. Mike took very good care of me and made it possible for me to take care of my clients with very little delay.

Thanks so much.

Mary L.

My husband and I are retired and we travel frequently. We use Happy to Help to check on our house. When he comes to the house he looks around to be sure everything looks okay and makes sure the doors and windows were secure. He waters our plants and even picks the dead flowers off them.

This last summer while we were gone for about a month he noticed our lawn was getting tall. Knowing we had made arrangements with a lawn mowing person he phoned us to let us know about the grass and ask if we needed him to get someone to cut it. We phoned our lawn mowing person to tell him he needed to take care of our yard. I really appreciated that Happy to Help cared enough to check with us.

Gayle E.

I was going out of town and wanted to have some body work done on my car while I was gone. I hired Mike to handle the job from start to finish.

He got my car to the shop, made sure the job with done correctly, got my car home and picked me up at the airport when I returned. He also checked with me by phone while I was gone about questions he had concerning the quality of the work and the charges from the body shop. He took exceptionally good care of me and for a very reasonable price.

I was more than satisfied and would, without hesitation, recommend Happy To Help and Mike Coyne.

I will definitely use Happy To Help again.

Carol L.