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There you are! We’ve been hoping you’d drop by. Our focus is on you and making your business enterprise successful. Maybe you need a better-defined brand, a chance to get closer to your customers and engage your employees or some public relations help to manage challenges in your business. Let’s visit and see if our deep experience could be helpful to you. If not, we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

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MCMC-Mary Coyne Marketing Communications

At MCMC, the focus is on you, our client. What’s the vision for your company? What are you trying to accomplish? How can good communication help you get there faster? Professional, experienced, strategic communication that solves problems and makes your business successful. Our talented group has a wide range of skills, including fully integrated advertising planning and implementation, media relations, employee communications, issues management, culture building and research. We help executive clients effectively implement corporate strategy with on-target communications to all stakeholders. Being located in a mid-sized market, we have the experience that comes from helping clients in a wide range of industries with a number of interesting and confidential projects in the areas of market research, crisis management, reputation management, litigation and M&A.

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  • Public RElations
  • Interactive
  • Crisis Communications

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Our small, but mighty team is extended exponentially by a broad group of incredibly talented design and communications experts who help us delight our clients.
Mary Coyne
Trudy Tripp
Client Services Manager
Michael Coyne
Business Manager

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