Funeral-Related Services

During times of grief, so much is weighing on your mind — notifying everyone, making funeral arrangements and deciding how to celebrate your loved one’s life. We understand the grief and stress you are experiencing and want to ease your mind with services such as watching your house while you are at the service, making accommodations for your out-of-town guests and much more. As your personal assistant, we can handle almost any request. We’re here to lift your burden.

A Sample of Our Services
• Guest accommodations and airport pick up
• Housesitting during funeral service
• Setting up for a reception at the home or church, greeting guests and assisting with food/drinks and clean-up
• Preparing your home and yard for visitors
• Arranging for a photograph of the gathered family
• Providing services for aging parents
• Downsizing the home
• Packing everything in the house
• Preparing the house for sale
• Large or small projects around the home/yard
• Home visits and check-in by phone for safety of aging parents

And any other task – complex or simple – that will ease your mind.