The Ultimate Employee Benefit

The busy professionals on your staff will appreciate the services of a trustworthy concierge – a personal assistant who can simplify their personal lives. At the same time, your firm will benefit from employees with less stress who can concentrate on the work at hand, rather than taking their valuable time to handle such duties as

  • Scheduling and meeting repairmen
  • Providing services for an aging parent
  •  Handling car repairs and pet care
  • Picking up the dry cleaning
  • Making arrangements to be out of town
  • Planning for entertaining clients
  •  And much more


You may be surprised at how affordable concierge service can be, especially when it allows your valuable employees to be more productive. Our corporate clients pay a monthly retainer based on the number of employees receiving concierge service as a benefit. Please call Michael Coyne at (806) 640-4911 to schedule an appointment to discuss your specific needs and receive cost details based on your firm’s situation.

Get Started

Find out how Happy to Help concierge service can be an affordable benefit to your employees and your firm. Please call Michael Coyne at (806) 640-4911 or email us at for details or to schedule an appointment to discuss our corporate package.